Hi, I am Nicole, and yes I am only 10 years old. I have been doing comedy for over 4 years. I started because I wanted to make people laugh for a talent show and found out that I really love the stage and doing comedy. Then I tried acting and found another creative outlet I love. Whether it's in Florida or New York City I am always eager to take the spotlight and be the center of attention. 

"Nicole is a photogenic, expressive, and creative girl who follows direction extremely well. Great Actress and Performer. Sweet disposition and easy to work with. She is experienced on set, fun and outgoing with lots of energy!" I am fearless at theme parks, doing most sports, with animals, on stage alone or in a cast. I am happy portraying a Princess, Tomboy or Goofball! 
‚ÄčI have a flexible schedule with an active passport. My father is also an actor for father/daughter roles. 

Actress & Comedian Nicole Lauren 

This is my first try at a
website so be patient
since I am still learning.